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Config examples


LControl is programmable remote controller. It uses UDP-protocol to send commands to LIRC daemon. LIRC needs to be patched with sudp.patch. Both LControl and sudp are under development. License of the LControl is GPL Version 2.

You should have:
Nokia Internet Tablet works. N800 and desktop are only tested ones. To other devices there might need some work. At least rows and cols should be configurable. see: TODO.


lcontrol1 lcontrol2
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--prefix should work
$./autogen.sh $./configure $make $sudo make install

Nokia internet tablet

$ln -s debian-ntablet debian $./autogen.sh $dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot
Copy created deb to device and install as any other application.

Setting up

Quick setup

Copy system width config to your home directory.
see about config: TODO
$cp -r $prefix/share/lcontrol ~/.lcontrol - prefix is your install directory $your_favorite_editor ~/.lcontrol/config
At least you have to modify config change your IP of the lirc server and if you want port.
part of config:
[configure] host= port=12345
At this point you don't have to have LIRC installed. Just don't care about it for now. Ofcource it would be nice to test how it works or does it work at all. Easiest way to test LIRC is using default configs for everything.
see: LIRC

There is two sections what we must have. [buttons] where is every button listed and named. Another one is [programs] what is starting point to create menus. One menu can handle four rows and eight lines of buttons for now. It takes 32 user defined buttons/menu.

Each button in section [buttons] got name and label. Number what is sended is generated by program automically. There can be about 65535 different buttons.

On Nokia internet tablet you can leave the program pressing fullscreen button.

see: Examples


Patched files

patch: sudp.patch


With configure

$./autogen.sh $./configure --with-driver=sudp $make $sudo make install

With setup

$./autogen.sh $./setup.sh udp->sudp save & configure $make $sudo make install


$lircd --driver= Driver `' not supported. Supported drivers: sudp $sudo lircd --driver=sudp lircd: could not open config file '/etc/lircd.conf' lircd: No such file or directory
Now you have to generate lircd.conf fron LControl:s config with lircd-conf-generator

Setting up part 2


lircd-conf-generator is used to generate lircd.conf file from lcontrols config.
$lircd-conf-generator -h Usage: lircd-conf-generator -c <configfile> -l <lircdfile> Example: lircd-conf-generator -c /home/user/.lcontrol/config -l lircd.conf Converts buttons from lircd-conf-generator:s config file to lircd.conf file. Options: -c, --configfile lcontrol configfile -l, --lircfile lircd.conf outputfile -f, --force force to overwrite lircd configure -v, --verbose verbose output -h, --help prints this help ....

Create lircd.conf

Create from own config
$sudo lircd-conf-generator -c ~/.lcontrol/config -l /etc/lircd.conf
System width config ($prefix=installation directory)
$sudo lircd-conf-generator -c $prefix/share/lcontrol/config -l /etc/lircd.conf

Start lirc daemon

Start lircd with sudp driver to listen port 12345. Port 12345 is LControls default.
$sudo killall lircd $sudo lircd --driver=sudp -d 12345

Change permissions

I used audio group because I had that and video ready.
$sudo chown root:audio /dev/lircd or $sudo chown root:video /dev/lircd or $sudo chown root:lirc /dev/lircd $sudo chmod 666 /dev/lircd


If you have other devices than sudp configured with lirc you have to add lirc.rules to udev.
$sudo cp lirc/contrib/lircd.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/
Restart udev.

Start on the startup

Ubuntu - propably debian

Download: lircd.ubuntu
$sudo cp lircd.ubuntu /etc/init.d/lircd $sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/lircd $sudo update-rc.d lircd start 99 2 3 4 5 . stop 01 1 .

Other distribution

Please help.

Testing LIRC

When lircd is running. Normal lirc test tools are not valid with this so irw is used.
When pushing buttons irw prints something like this.
... 000000000000001e 00 AUDIOMINUS SUDP-CONTROL 000000000000001e 00 AUDIOMINUS SUDP-CONTROL 000000000000001d 00 AUDIOPLUS SUDP-CONTROL 0000000000000013 00 DOWN SUDP-CONTROL 0000000000000009 00 TITLEMENU SUDP-CONTROL 0000000000000008 00 ROOTMENU SUDP-CONTROL 0000000000000008 00 ROOTMENU SUDP-CONTROL 0000000000000017 00 FULLSCREEN SUDP-CONTROL 0000000000000018 00 DEINTERLACE SUDP-CONTROL 000000000000000a 00 SUBMENU SUDP-CONTROL 000000000000000a 00 SUBMENU SUDP-CONTROL 000000000000001c 00 SUBTITLEMINUS SUDP-CONTROL 000000000000001b 00 SUBTITLEPLUS SUDP-CONTROL 000000000000000b 00 AUDIOMENU SUDP-CONTROL 0000000000000003 00 SHUTDOWN SUDP-CONTROL ...

Generate ~/.lircrc

File ~/.lircrc is used by to launch and controll supported applications. If you
$your_favorite_editor ~/.lircrc
For now in the example file has only xine.

Using Lirc

When lircd is running


LControl snapshot: lcontrol.tar.bz2
LIRC CVS snapshot (070820) with sudp.patch: lirc-0.8.3-CVS.tar.bz2
LIRC patch: sudp.patch

Example files:

Help needed

Help needed for updating examples. Send your superconfig for application-X for me so I add it to default config. For example for the mplayer, xmms , mythtv or anything. Just little updates are also more than welcome.

Any ideas how to change between menus are welcome too.