KilikaliNG is media player created with Python, GTK2 and GStreamer0.10. KilikaliNG started as need of media player which doesn't use tags for ordering files. Another reason to create was prototyping several ideas with Python.

"Let filesystem be your media library and KilikaliNG will be your player."


Supported media

All files should be playable what GStreamer can play. Video is not yet supported.


Adding, reordering and removing. m3u, pls and asx playlists can be imported. Exporting is not yet supported.

Import directories

Directories can be imported by adding from the menu or drag and dropping from filesystem.

Recursive importing is not yet enabled. After resolving memory consumption issues recursive importing will be supported

Network streams

Adding URLs is supported. URL can also point to the playlist.

Drag and drop

It is possible to add files, directories and playlists by dragging those from the application which support drag and drop and dropping to the KilikaliNG. It is also possible drag files from the KilikaliNG and drop those to the other applications.

Tested with Nautilus, Konqueror and/or Thunar. DnD between Rythmbox and KilikaliNG is tested also.

Special playmode to C64-SIDs

For now only changing tune is supported.

Future features

See Roadmap. You can also tell me what is missing. You can find contact information from the package.


Standard Python way is supported with There is also possible to make Debian packages to the Debian or Ubuntu.



KilikaliNG 0.1

Status: done

KilikaliNG 0.2

Status: done

KilikaliNG 0.3

Status: in development

KilikaliNG 0.4

Status: -

KilikaliNG 0.5

Status: -

Rewrite everything with C is always one option.



latest: kilikaling-0.2.tar.gz
all: files/


KilikaliNG 0.1

Normal playback

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Special SID-view

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